New Chapter

New Chapter

Yesterday we sold our house.  Now we are on a countdown to move-out day.  We haven’t bought another house, and aren’t looking right now.  Today we start a new chapter, a new adventure.  Today, we are going to look at 5th wheel trailers, with the intention to be full-time happy campers for a while.  Scary?  Sort of, in a good kind of way.  Exciting?  Without a doubt.


For the first time in 50+ years for me, “home” will not come with a solid, fixed location.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that home isn’t a fixed physical place during our 6 moths in FL.  Home is where you find love and family.  We are sitting here, right now, planning the first two weeks after our last day at this house.  It’s pretty neat to realize that you can choose – actually have to choose where you are going to be living.


How long are we going to do this?  As long as it is right.  We’ll know when we are ready to stop.  This is a really important lesson for me – in grace, in joy, in peace.  I have a great sense of peace about this choice we have made.  God has shown us, every step of the way, that we are on the right path.  That sense of peace comes with feelings of excitement and wonder.  I know that we will find joy in this journey.  Sure, there will be challenges, but those make the joy greater.  The other great lesson (for me) in this adventure is letting go of control.  Getting “okay” with not knowing every next step, trusting and exercising my faith.


Here’s to lessons, joy in the journey, and faith exercises!

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