I Take Thee William…..and My Firm Foundation

As the packing and purging continue, so does the opportunity for reflection.  You know what they say about hindsight.  It is so awesome to look back and see God’s handiwork in my life.  My parents created a life full of love for me.  Love for family, for others, for learning, for serving, and so many other things.  They continue to do so.  From them, I learned how special marriage could be.  From them, I was excited for the chance to be a mother.  From them, I learned that I could do anything I wanted to with God’s help and my determination.  When my Dad started flying again, I was about 23.  He wanted to be able to take my brother flying, and hoped he would get interested in flying.  Somehow (obviously by God’s design – because never in a million years would I have been interested on my own) I ended up beside my Dad in a little C150 for a ride.  Scared to death, but not willing to admit that to Dad, we went for a ride.  Then, I found myself in the backseat of a C172 on a long cross-country flight during his instrument training.  God flipped the switch, and although I couldn’t explain it, I knew that I had to learn to fly.  That was easily arranged, and I earned my license.  Why is this important?  If I hadn’t learned to fly, I would have never met Bill.

Bill – my Mr. Wonderful (Mr. W).  This man is such a blessing in my life.  We have been on wonderful adventures, cried together, laughed together, and he has put up with a huge amount of grief from me.  Looking back, I can see how I could have done things differently and been a lot nicer.  Instead of dwelling on that, I am just grateful for where I am now.  As we get ready to embark on new adventures, I am so thankful to be sharing them with him.  Looking forward, I am eager to have this move behind us, the road in front of us, and the opportunity to get back in the sky with Bill.  I know that our future, faced together, will be rich and full of promise.  Might not always be easy, but together, we will conquer!  Bill is my cornerstone, the lift that helps me soar, my inspiration.  He is a wonderful father, I see so much of him in our children.  When I said “I do”, I had no idea of the joy that would follow.  I hope that we have set the examples for our children that my parents set for me.  To create that firm foundation would make the circle an ongoing journey.

Mom continues to inspire me – I really want to be just like her.  I look forward to the opportunity to travel with her.  Bill and the kids inspire me to want to achieve more, step out in faith, and push to see how much I can accomplish.  My amazing friends help me stay on track.  I live a truly blessed life.

Taking a trip down memory lane can certainly highlight the joys that have filled my journey.

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