Big Scary Goals, part II

As I am closing in on one of my BSGs, I started thinking about my next BSG.  Something funny happened…I started thinking about several little scary goals.  The kind of goals that pop into your mind, and always get pushed to the back.  The ones you discount – not big enough to work for, and yet, they linger.  They niggle in your brain, and poke you hard every once in a while.  But you still just shove them back in the corner until “someday” when you have time, or nothing better to do.

I pulled a couple of those LSGs out and looked at them, pondered them, and I am not pushing them back in the corner yet.  As I examined them, I made some pretty important discoveries.

First, I think we should not classify goals as big or little – they are all important.  To call them little, minor, or someday goals – you’re just fooling yourself.  If it’s a goal, it’s important.  If you minimize its importance, maybe it really is a big goal that you’re just not willing to own up to?

Second, clearly define scary.  I can’t let myself say scary, and use that as an excuse to avoid the goal.  Scary, relative to my goals, is not a “bad” scary.  I am redefining my “scary goals” as a goal that is a Stupendously Challenging, Achievable, Real, (and inspires) Yearning.  That may be corny, but acronyms work for me, what can I say?

Third – don’t get caught up in thinking that once a goal is achieved, you’re off the hook.  Nope, no way, no how.  Doesn’t work like that.  A goal is a milestone – a stepping stone on your journey.  Plan early, avoid the rush.  I am lining all those little goals up in plain sight.  They remind me of Weebles – those little toys with the slogan “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”.  You can poke them and push them, and they just keep popping back upright.

The more I look at those LSGs, I realize they are giants in ant costumes.  They involve moving so far out of my comfort zone that I will need my GPS, and even then, my comfort zone won’t be in the same place anymore when I return.  Oh my gosh, what if I tell someone what even one of those goals is?  I mean, it might be considered stupid, not worthy of the time it would take, self-serving, vain, or just plain ridiculous.  Or, would it?  Is that just my way of saying “you don’t deserve that because it would make you happy”?

WOW, I mean, really – watch out for the little ones – it’s kind of looking like the marathon might be a warm-up for some of those little suckers.  I have learned something kind of helpful – it’s a good idea to make friends with your goal.  You have to believe in it, and convince it to believe in you.  It will make the relationship easier!

So, what LSGs are you hiding on the shelf?  Why?  Whatcha gonna do about them?  Hint:  The answer should not involve calling Ghostbusters!

I’m off to consider important goals of varying sizes, shapes, and colors.  Join me?


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