More Freds, More Records, and Prevenient Grace

Mom and I went hunting for more “Freds”.  I think she renamed them, even though I was calling them Fred 1, Fred 2, Fred 3, and Fred 4.  They were all pretty advanced in their caterpillar lives, so they are already all in chrysalis form now.  We are hoping to find some smaller ones so that we may watch them grow as caterpillars.

I think that watching the lifecycle of a butterfly should be a mandatory experience at least every couple years.  There is just so much to learn.  Looking at my own life, I can see many caterpillar to butterfly experiences.  Even a couple that involved having my “wings” crippled by well-meaning attempts to get them working before they were ready.

Saturday, 8/12 was the day to set new personal records for longest distance running, and most steps in a day.  It was a much happier run, even though it started at 4:45am.  I am not much of a morning person, but I think I could make an exception for running.  It was dark, peaceful, and friendly.  I listened to and watched the world wake up.  The birds provided music, the sunrise provided glorious skies.  The scenery – well, I ran 20 miles in circles around the campground.  I wasn’t much paying attention to that, just enjoying the solitude and seeing the occasional meteor flit across the sky.  I’ll have one more day to set new records before the marathon.  Kind of scary to think about not running long distances for 3 weeks…and at the same time, a relief.

It’s time to start thinking about new BSGs, fuel for thinking on that last long run.  I have a feeling the new BSGs will look suspiciously like the things I called LSGs.  The challenging part will be admitting to them, since part of my mind is still telling me they are of no consequence and to let them go.  Which is exactly the kind of red flag that tells me I need to revisit them.

Prevenient grace.  I love this concept.  It was part of the sermon on 8/13.  Lots of good stuff packed into that sermon, including the statement “in storms of life, we need a revelation more than a reason”, and the gentle reminder to remember Whose we are, and who He is.  Prevenient grace – all that wonderful grace God showers on us before we know better, and/or in spite of ourselves.  There are several definitions of prevenient grace, or interpretations depending on your belief system.  For me, it represents so much, and is an integral part of my foundation.  Grace in general – reminds me that it is not my power or ability to achieve things.  Instead, it is submitting to the abundant grace in my life – remember Whose I am, and who He is.  Humility, service, gentleness, gratitude….the things I need to work hardest on.



One thought on “More Freds, More Records, and Prevenient Grace”

  1. It’s wonderful how you can observe so much on your runs. It’s amazing how you can put your encounters into words. Keep running and sharing, we love it.


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