Surprise Parties and Grace

This past weekend was a lesson in grace and goodness.  We celebrated (a month and a half early) Mom’s 80th birthday.  Mom is one of those people, if you were to read her history and physical from a doctor, that would have the statement “appears younger than stated age” – and certainly acts younger than stated age.  Mom is so inspiring – she tackled her fear of water this past year, and continues with her water aerobics classes.  (I’ve joined in the last two classes, and let me tell you – these women are working their butts off!)

Our party was a surprise for Mom, and apparently, it stayed that way until she walked into the party.  Personally, it was a joy overload for me to see so many people share in the celebration.  I love that she has such a wide circle of caring and fun friends.  So many of them expressed gratitude for the inspiration she has brought to them.

I was a little disconcerted at how difficult I found it to lie to Mom about events leading up to the party.  It gets harder, apparently, as you get older.  Now I have to work on trust-building with her again – but she didn’t dunk me in the pool today, so things are not too bad!

Instead of gifts, we asked that everyone bring a rock (decorated if they wanted to), or flower seeds.  What kind of kid asks for rocks for their Mom’s birthday?  (Probably the same kid that used to love to get 40lb bags of potting soil for her greenhouse as a giftJ)  You have to know my Mom – she sees beauty in nature.  She creates masterpieces in her gardens, and tends her yard with love.

More grace – my daughter was able to surprise her Grandma with a visit.  I watch this young woman and am in awe of God and his ability to create such a unique person.  I love that I can still catch glimpses of my baby girl, while at the same time – see a woman with purpose, compassion, boundless love and energy, with more than a touch of “badass” and attitude.

Walt wasn’t able to join us, but having been with him recently, I am amazed at the young man he has grown to be.  More grace and goodness!  He has his Dad’s relaxed personality, an imagination that is unreal, creative, compassionate, caring, boundless love, patience and persistence.  When I look at the kids, I see the best of Bill in them, and fret at my bad habits they seemed to have acquired.  I see they influence that their grandparents have had in their life and am grateful for that.

I love that I am privileged to be a part of these lives that matter so much.  Grateful that Bill is my solid rock and builds our foundation (and tolerates my crazy).  Celebrate the important people in your life – don’t wait for birthdays, or special occasions – today is reason enough.  Make sure they know how much you love them, often!

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