Beach Lessons, Fall 2017…

It is so special to be back on the beach!  Two hurricanes have reshaped it into more beauty.  I find the beach a wonderful place to contemplate, restore, and recharge.

We’ve been trying to walk Piper on the beach every day, and so far, we are successful.  She loves her Frisbee, chasing the waves, and crunching on seashells.  On the first or second trip, the ocean stole her Frisbee – and we had one very sad puppy.  Fortunately, the Navy Exchange stocks silicone Kong Frisbees for just such an occasion.  I’ve also been trying to make sure I get a walk on the beach – not to chase or crunch – but to reflect.  It is really easy to accumulate steps here – I am on my 7th day of at least 15k steps a day.

Two thoughts kept running through my mind on my last beach walk.  First was the Matthew West song “Day One”, and the other was the statement “salt water is the cure for everything (ocean, sweat or tears)”.  I combined the two thoughts, watching the waves wash in over the beach with the incoming – and then outgoing – tide.  I often hear the statement “every day is a new beginning”.  As I watched the waves, I watched the opportunity for new beginnings occur much more frequently.  Every wave washes the top surface of sand and “stuff” away, leaving a new layer and new treasures exposed.  Doesn’t that translate for us?  Waves of the ocean are like breathing for us – a constant process, and most often without thought.  Every breath represents a fresh opportunity for a new beginning.  You don’t have to wait for morning – start with your very next breath!  Salt water – in whatever form it appears – will help wash the dirt and debris away for that new start.  It will uncover and help you discover new treasures that will amaze and delight you!

One thought on “Beach Lessons, Fall 2017…”

  1. Your eye opening observations are so refreshing and thought provoking. Always enjoy your insights and look forward to the next writing,


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