Christmas Eve and Light

I think the Christmas Eve candlelight service might well be my favorite part of Christmas.  The best part of the service is when the Christ candle is lit, and then that light is used to light all of our candles.  The lights are turned off, and our individual lights illuminate the darkened silence; then we sing Silent Night.

The Christ Candle is surrounded by the candles of Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love.  Every Advent wreath is a little different in design, but they all carry the same message of comfort and promise.  So many great lessons in this part of the service.  We are offered the light of Christ, and accept it by allowing our candle to be lit.  Then we have the opportunity to share that light with others.  Alone, we cast light from His Light, and when we share it, we generate more light.  When we hold His Light, we are also surrounded by hope, joy, peace, and love.  In a dark room, even one light is powerful.

Silent Night brings tears to my eyes when we sing it on Christmas Eve by candlelight.  I can’t imagine not singing that song, and not having a candle in my hand on Christmas Eve.  What a night that must have been.  What a miracle – and in the most unlikely of places.  I am ever so grateful that we continue to celebrate that miracle today, and that His Light can still illuminate the darkest of places.

Watch for miracles.  They happen without warning, and in common locations – even could be easy to miss.  Some miracles are life-changing.  Cherish light – let it illuminate your soul and celebrate it.

Merry Christmas!

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