30 Years…No Way!

We are getting ready to head to Savannah to celebrate our anniversary.  The calendar says it’s been 30 years.  My heart says that is not possible.  Cliché, I know, but it feels like just last week.  Then I start reminiscing about all that we have done, and wonder how we managed to pack all that in 30 years.

We are blessed with a loving, supportive family, children that are just amazing, and friends that have sweetened this journey.  And there have been people that were sent to be challenging (you know, “everyone in your life is sent to be a blessing or a lesson”).  Every day that passes, I am more aware of just how precious this is.

The secret to making it this far?  Being blessed with Bill.  Obviously, a God-approved choice.  Having the example that my parents, godparents, and grandparents presented in my life.  Involving and keeping family involved from the very beginning.  Knowing without a doubt that my life, and our marriage is a “God thing”.

I feel like I have gained so much more from our marriage than I have contributed.  Bill truly fulfills the role of a Godly husband and father.  He is patient and tolerant, and so very wise.  Not a day passes that I don’t learn something from him.  Honestly, my greatest regret is not having appreciated this much earlier in our marriage.  Making the shift from being “me-centered” to “us” to “what can I contribute to our growth and happiness” and “how can I best serve him” being the primary mindset is hard.  It requires constant effort.  Looking back over our past, I realize Bill brought that to the table at the beginning.  I was late to the party.  We have ups and downs, everyone does – but I know that no matter what happens, Bill is my rock, my solid foundation.  I will forever be a better person because he is part of me.  Seeing the examples set by my family show me the power of love and lasting commitment.

I am excited and deeply committed to making the next 30 years better than the first 30…and I don’t plan to stop there.  The more I learn about being a better partner, the more I realize there is to learn.  We have adventures ahead of us that are so full of possibility – I can’t wait!  It just keeps getting better.

Sometimes you don’t find this joy on the first try – that’s okay.  But don’t hesitate to try again.  When it’s right, it’s really right – and you will be blessed beyond belief!

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