Natural Grace and Beauty

We were at the hangar working on the T’hawk yesterday.  During one of our breaks, I noticed two hawks flying around the airport.  There were absolutely beautiful – it was like watching an aerial ballet.  The choreography was amazing.  They were soaring, catching thermals, diving, and giving the general appearance of grace.

Later, we watched thunderheads build around us, and totally miss us.  The majestic formations reflecting the sunlight were so colorful, and the subtle changes as the storms developed within were interesting to watch.

This morning, on the way home from swimming, we watched a doe saunter and graze through a neighborhood.  She was oblivious to the cars passing and people stopping to admire her.

Finally, the last part of my trip home took me on a dirt “two-track” surrounded by trees.  Every time I am on this particular portion (and that is very frequent) – I am just filled to overflowing with a wonderful sense of peace.  It’s quiet, except for birdsong and the wind in the trees, very green this time of the year with protective shade, and oh so inviting.

My lessons in grace from these:

  1. Soar, rise above being grounded to the earth.  Make friends with the air currents – dance on them.  Do this with someone, if possible.  Find that person that you can fly in sync with – the one that encourages you to go just a little higher.
  2. Appreciate the beauty and majesty of nature – and always be aware of the raw power and force contained within. Be brave and watch the fury of the storm, and then appreciate the clean feel and scent after the storm passes.
  3. Take your time and linger in nature. Trust people a bit – not everyone is a hunter with a gun pointed in your direction.
  4. Find your peace-filled spots, keep them in mind so you know where you can go to recharge and refresh your soul.
  5. All of nature is filled with grace, beauty, power, sanctuary, and danger – we just have to take the time to notice!

One thought on “Natural Grace and Beauty”

  1. Your writings are so insightful. You remind us, not only of the beauty around us, but to take the time to absorb it, appreciate it, and even marvel in it.
    My mother is blind, but through your eyes and words, she can see it.


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