Week of Wins

Interesting doesn’t begin to describe this week…

On Sunday – Bill and I presented the worship service at church.  We talked about caring for God’s creation, specifically caring for each other.  That’s kind of been on my mind all week.  Sunday afternoon we packed up and moved again, this time into Cadillac to the State Park for 2 weeks.  We are smack dab in the middle – parked by the canal – between Lakes Mitchell and Cadillac.  When I walk toward Lake Cadillac in the morning, I am treated to the sunrise.  Then we visit Lake Mitchell in the evening for sunset.

Monday was day 1 of storm clean-up at our little cabin.  Bill got me a chainsaw – smaller than his – which is a really good thing.  We decided to aim for 4 hours each day we are there, and planned for a couple off/rest days.  We commenced a vicious attack on the trees that came down from the storm.  It was cold and rainy, but we accomplished much.

Tuesday – day 2 – I learned more about chainsaw usage, and limbing trees.  Special treat today – we finished in time for me to shower away the smoky aroma and go to Knitting Group.  First time this year – and yet it felt like I never left.  These ladies are truly a joyful gift.  Just like going home.  It was cold and rainy, but lots of internal sunshine.

Wednesday – we took the day off.  Pleasant visit to the eye doctor with Mom to get the go-ahead for her second surgery.  So grateful for good healing for her.  We took care of errands and stuff around the house.  Finished the day with a walk with Bill, then I ran a couple miles.  Sunset found us sitting on the beach saying goodnight to the sun.  It was warm and rainy (really weird weather).

Thursday – day 3 of the attack.  2 trees done, 13 more to go.  Getting better with that chainsaw, and the loppers.  Visited Walgreens for a flu shot – and the really good pharmacist was not there yet.  He is much better at giving shots than the one that was working.  It was windy, cold, and rainy…

Friday – day 4 and we won the front yard!  It was – you guessed it – windy, cold and rainy.  Haven’t seen much of the sun all week, and with all the rain, I checked my location on my phone to make sure we hadn’t been relocated to Washington State!  Tonight was Date Night, and we picked up some necessities at the store.  Grocery shopping has to be done soon – or we are going to be on a water diet.

Anyway – thinking about caring for each other.  Thinking that this will be the subject of another post!


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