Grace Lessons, day 3 on the road…

Finished Brene today.  Looking forward to ordering a copy of Dare To Lead.  Spent considerable drive time working on my 30-day prayer challenge and thinking about vulnerability.

Are you familiar with “The Man in the Arena” written by Theodore Roosevelt?  Definitely worth the few minutes it takes to read.

This quote really struck a chord with me.  Recently, I failed spectacularly at an effort to do something I thought worthwhile.  It took a lot of courage to make the effort, and at the time, I thought it was worth it.  Have you ever done something you thought was right, only to have someone focus on a very small portion of the effort and blow you out of the water?  Yeah, sucks, doesn’t it?  In what I now see as a very misguided effort, I tried to undo the action out of embarrassment and not wanting to offend anyone else.  I was rewarded by more of the same response.

Today, I was able to remind myself that I can choose to let myself be bullied into feeling less than – or I can choose to honor my effort.  I will remember this lesson in the way I interact with others, and consider their effort and courage.  I don’t need to build myself up by tearing others down.

Vulnerability – it’s an interesting topic.  Are you able to open yourself to being seen?  To get messy and real?  To have the courage to do something because you want to – even if it scares you?  The Power of Vulnerability is a powerful book, as is Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly – check them out.

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