If you travel often, or make frequent stops on a trip, perhaps you have experienced waking in the morning and wondering “where am I today”?  Associating “home” with being in your own bed, in your own house.

I’ve been paying attention to my thoughts about this on this trip – and I realize what a growing experience this is for me.  I was laying in bed this morning and having my usual gratitude chat with God.  I am so very blessed to know that on our travels – no matter where we are parked, I always wake up “at home”.  Almost everyone and everything I want or need is within my reach (and those people that aren’t within reach are usually a phone call away).  As I contemplated that thought, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love.  And I still am – just thinking about it brings indescribable joy.

We will wake up in the morning – at home in Ironwood, Michigan.  We will go to bed tomorrow night in Duluth, MN – at home.  It will be sweeter because we will be seeing family and visiting “the Funny Farm”.

This grace lesson is profound for me.  Home is not a place.  Home is where love and gratitude abound – where your heart is filled to exploding, and where you know that you can take on the world!

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