NCTR marathon 2019

I’m not a big fan of selfies or pictures of myself.  I may take some – but usually delete them, or just leave them to languish on my phone.  I much prefer pictures of my family and Piper.

This picture was taken at the marathon in August.  I will print this picture and post it where I can see it – maybe use it as wallpaper or screensaver on the computer and phone.  I want to see it often, especially on days when things aren’t going so well.  And on days when I feel “not enough”.

The photographer took this as I was approaching the finish line.  When I saw the picture posted, I knew it was going to be one of my “keepers” – a treasured take-away from a great experience.  I know exactly what I was thinking and feeling at that moment – and it is burned into my heart.  This was a moment of pure joy – a deep knowledge that I was proud of what I accomplished – happy and content.  It was my race – my victory – and by my own doing.  A very sure knowledge that in this moment, I was enough and absolutely delighted to be me.

There were so many revelations during the marathon, and almost as many since.  Not one of those things you can just put on the shelf.  It’s almost like an overload of introspection – some good, and some you’re glad to leave along the trail.

When I finished the run, I told Bill it was a “one and done”.  By Monday, I was thinking it might be fun to do the half next year – but didn’t do anything about it.  On Saturday, NCTR posted that the half was full on Saturday next year, and the others were expected to fill up soon.  I mentioned it to Bill, and that I might like to try the half on Sunday.  He encouraged me to sign up.  As I was filling out the entry form, I started thinking that I might as well do the full on Saturday…and Bill spoke up and said pretty much the same thing!  “You know you can already do it…”.  So I listened to my heart, and my love – and signed up for the marathon again next year.  I am excited just thinking about it.  It’s a big goal – not really so scary – and it fills me with much joy.  I can’t wait to see what I learn in that 26.2 miles next year!

Grace Lesson – God – the same God that created the beautiful wonders of this earth – created each one of us.  Not to feel less than, or inferior to anyone else.  Not to judge ourselves against others – we are unique creations.  He created us to exploit and exhaust the gifts and talents He put in our minds/bodies.  To celebrate life with joy, serve others with compassion, and learn to use our power as He intended.  We are each much more powerful than we realize – and I know that sometimes that power scares me – even into inaction or living small.  Learn to embrace that power; use it wisely, lovingly, creatively.  Make your world beautiful for yourself and those around you!



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