Day Full of Grace

Today started a little rocky – I think we’ve been passing a bug back and forth.  We finally ventured out around noon to explore a smaller part of Acadia, keeping the option of turning back if needed open.

We found a beautiful experience awaiting us.  This part of Acadia is magnificent – it lacks the consumerism found on Mount Desert Island and the larger number of people.  The day was one of those perfect days – pleasant temps, a gentle breeze to keep you from getting too warm in the sunshine, very few bugs to annoy you, and again, lack of population.


We lingered and loitered, sitting on huge rocks on the shoreline soaking up sunshine.  We talked about the view, a little bit of everything, and nothing in particular.  Then we would move along the road a bit, find another place to explore, and start the process all over.  We threw in a short hike with more lingering and dawdling.

I realized, somewhere in the midst of this day, that this is a definition of grace – my life, this moment.  I, by God’s grace, am living this wonderful life.  I am blessed to be able to travel with Bill as we explore and appreciate our surroundings.  I did nothing to deserve this and am filled with gratitude that everything I have lived and experienced has led me to this path – not by my doing – but by God’s grace.  A profound reminder to listen and watch for His presence and nudges in my life.

This life we live is Amazing Grace!

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