Amazing Day

The beach was full of grace lessons today – many were reminders.  The walk to and from the beach was full of fun things to see.

While we were in Michigan, another Nor’ Easter blew through.  It was interesting to see the changes and erosion caused by the wind and waves.  Lots of shells on the beach as well as interesting debris.  As I arrived at the beach, there was a fair amount of sea fog to add an air of mystery.  Seeing the sea fog, I am always reminded that you don’t have to see the whole picture/plan at the onset.  Any new journey just requires the first step and faith that the path will appear.  As the walk progressed, the sun broke through the clouds and the wind moved the fog along.  A reminder that shedding light on the situation can really expand the view.

The shells and debris on the beach add interest and intrigue.  At first, I was determined to get the walk done and not linger.  There was just too much to see!  Slow down, enjoy the view, and see the treasures right before your eyes.  There was a lovely piece of sea glass – at first glance.  Closer inspection revealed that only one side was “ready”.  The rest of the glass did not have the lovely surface that transforms plain glass into sea glass.  Pretty on the outside doesn’t always mean pretty on the inside!

The sailboat is still on the beach – the deterioration and effects of being stuck and not moving are really obvious – and sad.  Move – even if it’s just a little bit – move whatever part of your body that you are able.  It’s good for more than your body – it is an attitude adjuster.

As I walked, I pondered the past year – and the past decade.  Stuff for a separate post.  What I did give consideration to was this question:  Where do I want to be on December 31, 2020?  Physically, mentally, spiritually?  What do I want to list as accomplishments for the next year?

In January Bill joined a challenge to complete 500 miles in 2019.  To date, he has logged over 600 miles.  I am so proud of him – he has had some challenges with his Achilles Tendon and plantar fasciitis – and still managed to accomplish his challenge.

In January, I joined a challenge to complete 1000 miles in 2019.  By the end of January, I decided to bump up the mileage to 1200 miles.  This challenge was a great motivator.  In early November, I completed the 1200 miles – much to my surprise and delight.  I was curious to see what I could accomplish by the end of the year.

Today, I did this:

This evening, I am giving careful consideration to what I want to be saying I accomplished in 2020.  I have a blank, very inviting canvas and an excellent imagination.  I can see lovely things, exciting things, unbelievable things appearing on that canvas!  What are you seeing on your 2020 canvas?

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