Farewells and Welcomes


I am having a ridiculously hard time saying goodbye to two articles of clothing.  (As my daughter would say – “first world problems, Mom”.)  The first pair of what I considered “skinny jeans” that I bought when I lost weight – they are threadbare in more than a few places, and they are loose.  But they feel so good – all soft and comfortable – and remind me of what I accomplished.  We’re at the point though, that instead of bringing good memories if I wear them much longer – it will be embarrassing memories!  The second piece of clothing is a pair of athletic pants that are in the same condition.  Actually – there is one more – my first pair of Altra running shoes…I have worn through the treads completely and into the middle layer of the sole – but they still feel absolutely amazing and comfortable (just like the pants).  The shoes – they have a proper send-off planned.  I will wear them for the Mud Girl Run for one last hurrah.  The pants…*sighing* – maybe I can just wear them around the house?

We said goodbye to the sailboat on the beach on Tuesday.  I watched as it was dismantled, the heavy equipment dug it out, and then…it was gone.  It’s kind of empty on the beach now – at the same time, the peaceful beauty is undisturbed – just like it never happened.  I will carry the boat lesson with me for a long time.

Sunday was a disappointing day, a real struggle.  It was the 2nd Saratoga Classic Half Marathon – and the finishers medal was absolutely awesome.  I was willing to battle the bridges for it.  I had everything ready – clothes out, fuel and fluids ready, all of it.  I woke up Sunday with a sore throat, sore ears, headache, everything ache, and a funky sense of balance.  Bill suggested I give it a pass.  I kind of wanted to give it a try.  Bill encouraged me to NOT give it a try, listen to my body.  Since he is generally right, I acquiesced.  Then I spent the day second guessing myself and mourning the loss of the medal (after all, it’s all about the bling, right?).  Bill did take me for a couple walks so I could get my 10k steps in and not break my streak (which is over 300 days now!  Closing in on one year 😊).  After a short mile and a half walk, I was ready for a nap – so I guess he was right.


So – it is time to welcome some new “stuff”.  I am not a fan of clothes shopping generally, although it is really delightful to know that I can look at smaller sizes in clothing.  In my mind, I often (although less often now) still see myself as the larger version that I was.  Bill often sincerely compliments me on my physical changes, and it is very hard to just say “thank you”.  I am proud of what I have and am accomplishing – just having trouble wrapping my head around it.  Ordering new shoes is exciting – and the thought of wearing them out is just as thrilling.

Other new stuff to welcome in 2020:

Fitness Challenge while we’re here on base – I’m a member of “TeamFreddy”.  It’s fun, and I’m experimenting with some new fitness classes.  Did that just yesterday – and today I am proud to say that I can blink my eyes and they don’t hurt!  I can also identify individual muscles that usually don’t make themselves known.  I never realized just how many ways you can exercise with kettlebells.  But hey – the class was fun!  Freddy and Isabelle rock some pretty mean fitness classes – and Mia makes it better with Yin Yoga.  Seriously – these three are really awesome fitness trainers that go above and beyond to assist with your fitness plans.

Mud Girl Run – going to do this one with a camper friend here in Jacksonville.  It’s a 5k with a bunch of obstacles and a whole lot of mud.  Looking forward to what I will learn about myself on this one.

Milestones – I am working toward walking/running 2000 (or 2020) miles in 2020.  This translates into an increase in my daily mileage and thinking time.  Slowly adjusting to the increase.

North Country Trail Run 2020 – I know I said “one and done” – but that only lasted a week.  I signed up for 2020 within the week after NCTR 2019.  This trail run is special, and I aspire to eventually do the 50k or 50-mile version.  For now, I am sticking with the marathon.  From sign-up to follow-up from the race director – this is amazing.  The support and encouragement is palpable.  The setting is beautiful.  The challenge is addicting.  This week is 30 weeks from the event, and I am starting to train.  I am aiming to beat my time last year, but even more – to be one of those great encouragers that I often encountered on the course last year.

Travels – On The Road Again – we are going to knock off the 4 remaining states on our map.  See the Grand Canyon, visit Truth or Consequences, visit Mike and Kathy, visit Beth, explore New Mexico.  We’ll spend time in Michigan at Heart of the Forest Campground.  We’ll plan our next adventures.

Space Coast Half 2020 – This will be #3 of a 4-year series.  It’s all about the bling…and the setting.

Taji100 – a quick challenge for the month of February with Team RWB.

Team RWB – speaking of RWB – I am enjoying this group here in Jacksonville.  They are doing local runs on Sunday mornings on Jacksonville Beach.  Looking forward to doing these while we are here.

Circle of friends – we have the privilege of being part of a second family – our Mayport family – here on base.  Every year we add new friends – we are richly blessed.


Grace Lesson – Gratitude!










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