Unsettling Thoughts

This is an unsettling time.  Growing up, I remember when Inauguration Day was a special day.  We would watch the process on TV with excitement.  You know what else I remember?  I remember that up until very recently, it was okay to have different opinions.  Now I see it dividing families, destroying families, and devastating our country.

It’s like we have two pandemics right now.  The media seems determined to whip the country into a frenzy over both the virus and the political climate.  Not to mention anything else that might spark a controversy.

Have you noticed how everything is breaking news?  Every storm is life-threatening and catastrophic? 

How about this?  We turn off the news, and turn on the prayer?  Prayers for a peaceful transition of presidential power, prayers for a transition from hate to peace – or at least truce. 

Regardless of who you voted for, what you ate for breakfast, the brand of toilet paper you use, or the color of your underwear (if you wear them 😉) – we can be friends?  If we could focus all the energy and money that is being expended on hate and drama, we could accomplish some pretty amazing things.

Random acts of kindness and grace would be an awesome movement right about now – however, I would settle for random acts of civility.

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