A Hard Sad Day

Today was a very hard day for us.  We had to make the heart-wrenching decision to let our Piper cross the Rainbow Bridge.  We were fortunate to have found some angels in disguise at a local Vet clinic that were beyond kind and compassionate.

Our Piper was 15 years old – just shy of 15 ½.  We brought her home the day she was brought into the local shelter when she was 8 weeks old.  I can tell you – 15 years just wasn’t enough.  But we knew in our heart it was time.  When you bring home a new puppy, the last thing on your mind is the end.  As time passes, it starts to enter your mind.  Lately, we have been struggling with when we would have to make the decision.  They say that you know when it’s time.  And you do.  You have the painful realization that quality for your precious companion isn’t there and you know it in your heart.  You feel it – see their pain, realize that to go on would be for your comfort alone.  Your heart argues to just let nature take its course so you have more time together, but it also argues that you know that your beloved companion doesn’t deserve the pain, indignity, and suffering.

And you make the decision.  And if you are blessed beyond belief, you will have the wonderful network of family and friends that we have been blessed with.  Your family will listen, they will share your pain and the agony of your decision, and they will love you through it all.  They will surround you and cover you with love and compassion – let you begin to heal and listen to you repeat the same stories of your time together.  They will cherish your memories with you, sit in silence, offer you the reassurance that what you did was “the right thing” (especially when doubt creeps in).  You will discover angels that will come to check on you – just because they felt God nudge them.  (Thanks to Melvin and Annette!)

We aren’t done with the tears; we aren’t done sharing stories and memories.  It’s going to take some time to not walk in and look for our girl.  It will be hard to sleep all night without getting up to make our midnight runs.  It will also be a relief to not watch her struggle to move, to not see the anxiety and restlessness trying to get comfortable.

Heaven gained a furry angel today.  We have a Piper-sized wound in our heart and soul.  One day, we will find 4 little paws that will help that wound heal – and enlarge our heart yet again.  I used to say that losing them left a hole in your heart.  I think instead that having our pets is a way to increase the size of our hearts and ability to love.  Losing them leaves a wound, and in time, the wound will heal with the right care.  You’ll never be the same, but you’ll be ready to start increasing the size of your heart and ability to love with another when the time is right. 

Keep our family in your prayers please, as we take some time to heal.  Love your precious companion today – extra scritches and maybe an extra treat or two.  Cherish the time and memories together.

Our girl – Piper – August 5, 2007 – January 21, 2023. Love you and miss you!

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