Never Too Late to Learn

September 20, 2016 was the beginning of another one of our adventures.  This time, we were leaving “home” for 6 months.  Escaping winter was our reason, and we were also looking forward to trying out new jobs as campground hosts at Osprey Cove on Naval Station Mayport.  This also gave us the chance to try out the “full-time” RV lifestyle.  At the time, I didn’t realize the profound impact this journey would have for me.

There were so many lessons crammed into the past 7 months.  Lessons about grace, life, joy, peace, and growth.  It is my hope to capture those lessons here as I remember them, and record the new lessons we are about to learn.  Over the next 32 days, we will finish packing and storing “stuff”, moving out of our house and selling whatever we don’t need, become the proud owners of a 5th wheel that we have yet to discover, and dive into a full-time RV lifestyle.  I’m pretty sure I have a lot of learning in my future!


2 thoughts on “Never Too Late to Learn”

  1. It says Sept 2017 are you in the future as it is only April 26 ,2017 !!! Love to see you are having fun on this adventure !!


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