Goal Setting

Retro – from 10 March 2017
Let me start off by saying that I was not a fan of goal-setting (detailed and specific), vision boards, or being patient and persistent about attacking what I wanted. Until the last 6 months. Some of you know that we (Bill and I) have been off on a little adventure that began at the end of September. Our 6 months is rapidly drawing to a close. When we left, I had a few vague goals, but wasn’t brave enough to write them down. I did talk to Bill about them. About the same time, a few very special people crossed my path, and encouraged the goal-setting thing.

I spent some time yesterday reviewing what has been accomplished, and what is yet unfinished. Not only did I accomplish every goal I set before we left (vague as they were), I added and accomplished many more. I have two particularly pesky goals that I will be finishing up in Cadillac. The benefits are amazing – physically, spiritually, psychologically – and I have already started setting new goals/intentions. I am shortening my time frame from 6 months to 3 months, and this time, I have clear, concrete ideas about what I want. That’s the really cool thing about this goal-setting stuff. You set the goals first – don’t worry about how they will be accomplished. Believe that you can, and you will. The “how” will appear (I have this on good authority from a very wise person) – and it really does!

I challenge you – set some goals. Pick a time frame, pick specific goals. It’s OK if they are big and scary – it works with them too! Start small if you must, but you’ll soon be aiming for outrageous. Once you have those goals, write them down, put them where you can see them. Think about them often. Enlist a few trusted friends to keep you on track and remind you of them. Then – watch the magic happen!

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