Big Scary Goals (BSGs)


A year ago, right about this time, I was worried about being able to run a 10k.  My goals for 2016 were to run a 10k and to complete the Adventure Triathlon in Cadillac.  Okay, those weren’t my only goals, but my fitness goals.  Up to that point, I had completed a couple 5k runs, and a 4 mile run in Alaska.

Today, I am sitting here contemplating running my first marathon in September, 2017.  I met and exceeded my 2016 goals by completing the 10K, and 8-mile, and half marathon, as well as the Adventure Tri (although I was the last one to finish – I finished!).  So far this year, I did a back-to-back 10k and half marathon – joyfully with the “Tribe” – the online fitness community.  Those of you who know me, or knew me before all this running stuff – you heard right….I really like running, and biking, and kayaking, and am learning to love swimming.  Guess what another one of my BSGs is?  I am still wrapping my head around 26.2 miles, though, so not even thinking about the word “tri”.

I belong to an online fitness and wellness community that is really amazing.  Through this group, I have made some very special friendships.  Our fearless leader encourages to set big scary goals.  Two very special friends told me that if the goals didn’t scare me to death, they probably weren’t big enough – thank you P & P!  This fitness community is uplifting, affirming, and incredibly supportive.  So, I bought into the whole BSG thing.

I could not do this alone, and have not been doing it alone.  Bill and the kids have been amazing.  They have always been physically active, but never pushed me to join them.  In their wisdom, as I have now learned, you can’t force someone to adopt this journey of health until they are ready.  I mean, truly ready to create change within that will last.  I was a little afraid to admit that I wanted to join them – worried about ridicule, being ashamed that I wouldn’t be good enough or couldn’t do it, generally afraid.  But wait – these are the people that love me!  Their support was instant, positive, and totally had me believing I could do it.  And they continue…Bill enters runs with me, and then encourages me to go at my own pace, even if it means we don’t finish together.  When I decided I wanted to run the USAF Marathon, Walt told me he would be there to run if he could get permissive leave.  He is so much faster than me – the cool thing – he will be there, along with Bill and Ashlyn when I cross the finish line.  Beth and I will get to run in another race together, I can be patient.  Beth and Joe ran with Bill and I in Alaska.  Beth is my go-to when I need to Rock Tape something, or need a good stretch for something that hurts.  My Mom is my lead cheerleader.  We completed a 5k walk together last year.  I wish my Dad could have known what I started doing – he would be right there with Mom on the cheer team.  I took him along in my heart for my first half marathon on Mackinac Island.  We had a lovely run together.  My brother – he is on the cheer team also.  Just waiting for him to decide to do a run with me….Patience – it has to be the right time for him.

Last year, around August, I think, I enlisted the help of another amazing member of my Power Team – “Coach E” – Erik Hajer.  He is the fearless leader of “The Tribe”.  Erik sends me weekly training plans, and we talk once a week.  I know that if I complete the activities in the training plan, my BSGs become totally achievable.  We talk about how training is going, as well as talk through some of the fears and obstacles that interfere with training.  A great holistic approach that works well for me.  The “Tribe” online – what a blessing this group of people is.  Honest about struggles, willing to share in joys and triumphs, tons of suggestions, and wonderful caring shoulders to cry on – the Tribe rocks!  I have been especially blessed by a special Tribe member – she is amazing.  She has the gift of encouraging, challenging, and seeing right through the smoke screen.

I’ve shared with you a little about my BSGs – the blog is even part of one of them – fitness includes more than just the physical.  Bill and I started another BSG officially yesterday.  Do you have BSGs?  You ought to…and they should scare the beejeebers out of you – so much that you really shake in your shoes.  And your heart burns with desire to accomplish that BSG – and you can barely wrap your head around the joy you will live when you accomplish that goal.  A word of caution – one BSG leads to another, and another.  You will feel more alive than you ever have in your life – and trust me – you’re never too old to start.

How to begin….choose your BSG – the one you are afraid to even mention.  At the same time – start building your power team.  Ready?  Set… Go!





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