Water, Sunsets, and 77 Steps

13 June 2017

We found a new home again today.  If you’re looking for a quiet, small campground with lots of trees, water, great views – try Orchard Beach State Park in Manistee, MI.  The staff here is exceptional.  The park is on Lake Michigan – no beach to speak of, but breath-taking views.  There are park benches placed strategically along the water so that you can appreciate the splendor.

Water, specifically beaches and waves, speak to my soul.  I clarify this, because in our almost 30 years together, we have had some less than pleasant and very memorable issues with water.  Large bodies of water that come with waves – I am discovering that they are like a balm to my being.  I can feel grace – like water – flooding me and filling me.  We watched the sunset, a peaceful and illuminating experience.  The sun cast beautiful colors on the sky and the water.  The water captured the sun’s light and reflected it’s beauty and intensity.  It occurred to me that we need to be both sun and water.  Trying to be one or the other robs of us being truly alive.  When we are both, we absorb light and warmth, and reflect love and beauty when we shine.

The park has a stairway down to the water’s edge.  It has 77 steps, they are wooden, except the last 20 that are aluminum.  There are good handrails, and resting platforms.  And it is steep.  At least, in my book it is steep.  I am afraid of heights, (being a pilot is a whole different story) and I try to take opportunities to work on that fear.  Bill, ever the patient and wonderful person that he is, allowed me the time and encouraged me to tackle the steps.  The trip down to the water was the hard part – and one step at a time, I made it.  It is a small victory, but it is mine.  The trip up was easy.

Take some time to watch a sunset – on the water if you can.  Be the sun and the water…feel the warmth and light, and let others see your love and beauty.  Tackle a fear with a good and patient person at your side.  Be a good and patient person for someone else while they tackle a fear.  Let your guard down, and talk to strangers (friends you haven’t been introduced to yet).  They have amazing stories to tell, and they just might want to hear your amazing story.

Today was filled with grace, and I’m excited to discover more tomorrow!


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