Storms and Writing in the Sand

One of my bucket list items was to watch storms travel across Lake Michigan from Wisconsin to Michigan (another is to see a tornado – but more about that another day).  Checked that item off on Monday.  Thunderstorms are fascinating – so much power in the thunder and lightning, and huge quantities of water (or snow in the winter) that is produced.

After the storm passes, everything is clean, the air smells fresh, and the skies clear.  The pictures don’t really do the storm justice – it was beautiful, and it really wasn’t much of a storm.  I’m hoping for a bigger, “badder” one next time.


How often do we have storms in our life?  Dark clouds build, the sun hides from view, and you can just feel the tension building.  Personally, metaphorically speaking, I am not very good at unleashing the storm – letting it thunder, lightning, and rain/snow like heck – so that the storm passes and everything clears up.  I tend to just let it continue to build, which leads to those “bigger, badder” storms.  I think I need to practice unleashing thunder and lightning, as opposed letting them evolve into tornadoes!

I did something that I first tried on my beach walks in Florida this winter.  It is really something everyone should try at least once.  I wasn’t sure about trying this here, since we don’t really have tides – but it still works.  When you’re at the beach, write your cares and concerns in the sand near the water’s edge.  Then wait and watch while they are washed away.  This won’t require any further explanation.  Sure, writing all that stuff near the water’s edge guarantees that it will be erased – but then, isn’t that what God promises us if we trust Him?  (Side note here, if you’re bringing a lot of “stuff” that needs to be written in the sand – find a long stretch of sand, and in an area where there aren’t a lot of people :D)

And, I tackled the 77 steps again, alone this time!

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