Wasting Today Worrying About Tomorrow and Regretting Yesterday…

I am beginning to realize how much time and energy worry about the future and regret for the past has stolen.  The realization that goes hand in hand with that is the amount of power I surrendered to the future and past thieves.

Someone suggested that fighting ‘what is’ is a personal choice for pain and suffering.  I really did not like hearing that.  Think about it for a minute…that suggests you are the one responsible for your own joy and happiness – or pain and misery.  Like – you really have a choice!  Ever heard this one:  People come into your life as a blessing or a lesson?  Same with a situation.

Instead of wasting precious time and energy on worry and regret, redirect it into fully living and enjoying this very moment.  When you do this – consider the gift you are giving yourself:  instead of a future to fret about – one to anticipate; and instead of a past to regret – one to remember with a smile!

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