Help or Hindrance?

I came across the information for finding out how much time, and where that time is spent using my iPhone.  Why?  I read an article about phone/tech addiction.  Yep, it’s a real thing – but that is no surprise, is it?  When was the last time you were anywhere, and saw people actually talking to one another without having the ever-present phone at hand?  Guilty!

Try this – turn your phone on, and tap on Settings.  Scroll down to Battery.  Scroll down to Battery Usage.  You have a choice to see the last 24 hours, and the last week.  To the right of those two choices, you will see a little clock.  Tap on that clock to see that amount to time spent in either that last 24 hours, or the last week in each app.  (There is a breakdown of time when the app is just running in the background.)

Next, do a search for one of the following:  iPhone addiction, tech addiction, social media addiction…read some of those articles.  It’s a real thing!

Cell phones and computers are not evil.  They are a tool – just like a hammer or screwdriver.  Used correctly, they help the user build something useful.  Used incorrectly – or abused – they are destructive.  By itself, the phone/computer/hammer/screwdriver can not create or destroy anything – it is how they are used.

I watched what appeared to be a father and son (early teens) in a restaurant.  The only communication was with the waitress to order food – otherwise, they were both glued to their respective devices.  I remember when computers became available to purchase for home use, and one of the concerns voiced was children learning to use keyboards.  The concern was that handwriting would become a rarely used form of communication.  Look at us now….we are becoming a society that doesn’t communicate verbally.  Where is the grace in this?  The warmth of face-to-face communication and sharing smiles, hugs, tears, sorrows, and joys?  We are becoming a society of isolation.  In that isolation, we can create our own fantasy world, build the ordinary into drama, and escape reality.

Here is my challenge, and I invite you to join me if you choose – I am going to “log my time” – write down my usage of my phone for the past 24 hours.  Then, tomorrow, I am going to do the same.  My goal is to decrease the amount of time lost, and increase my “real life” time.  I already spend enough time on the computer for work – it’s time to get back to talking, touching, feeling.  A quick text to say everything is OK, an e-mail to exchange information quickly – otherwise – talk in person, if distance is an issue, talk on the phone.  Hear a voice, practice verbal communication – what a novel idea!  Spend quiet time unplugged – reacquaint yourself with….you!

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