Storm Clouds – Searching for CAVU…

Next weekend, Bill and I will take part in the Lilac Festival 10k on Mackinac Island.  Two years ago, it was my first 10k, and as I recall, my running goal for 2016.  Then I added the other two races to complete the trio so I could get an extra finisher’s medal.

For the past couple weeks, something has just felt “off” – hard to define, but that little niggle that lets you know something is different.  Of course, we have been traveling quite a bit, and catching up on many things that needed to be attended to upon returning to Michigan.  I was moving some stuff around, and came across my training journals from the past two years.  It was fun to see the increase in mileage from 2016 to 2017.  Then I compared it to 2018 – sad to note that my mileage is down considerably.  Not cool!  Coincidentally, my attitude and enthusiasm is down (duh…obvious connection).

This year, my goals (in my running world) are to finish the trio again, with better times than two years ago; a couple 5ks that look fun, perhaps the adventure tri, and a marathon.  From where I’m at right now, that all looks pretty far away.  I have completed all of these distances, so I know it’s possible.  The biggest challenge is to reignite the excitement – shake things up, find new resources.  I know that quitting is not an option.

I am looking forward to sharing the Trio – Bill has agreed to do at least the first two with me.  This is great incentive – because his walking pace is almost as fast as my ‘running’ pace.  I am hoping he will consider the last of the series also – a half marathon trail run.  I also have a friend that is hoping to join me for that one.  There are a couple races I will be looking forward to in FL when we return – and a great running buddy to share them with.

I know that the storm clouds are only temporary.  It requires some serious self-reflection, and re-evaluating my planning and training.  Being open to change, and ready to explore new horizons.  Brave.

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