Facing and Conquering Giants…

This has been quite the week, and it’s only Tuesday.  We watched Facing the Giants on Sunday again – such a great movie!  Apparently it set the tone for the week.

I’ve been working on tackling a couple giant monsters – and I am winning.  We spent yesterday doing some serious clean up work at our little primitive cabin.  It’s been in our family since I was two (I’ll save you the math or guesswork – 54 years).  When I was around 5 or 6, I was stung multiple times around my neck and under my chin.  That experienced birthed a very unhealthy fear of bees/wasps/stinging insects.  I also stopped visiting the part of the yard where the stings happened.  Never been back to that area – I am really good at traveling around “that spot”.  Lately, I’ve been moving myself intentionally closer to bees, mostly around flowers, and taking pictures.  I also don’t get quite as nervous when they are in the vicinity (although I maintain a healthy respect due to an allergy to the stings).  Yesterday, I used the lawn mower, and walked “that spot” multiple times while cutting grass.  Seems like a little thing writing about it – but feels like a great victory!  There were even some bees and wasps in the area.

There is another giant, but we’ll just let that stay on the floor to be talked about another time.

If you’ve seen Facing the Giants, you will no doubt remember the DeathCrawl scene.  Always makes me think about what I am doing – and if I am giving it everything I have.  I usually also realize that I really haven’t – sometimes I wouldn’t even “make it to the 50”.  I’m at that point, again.  I am really excited about taking it back to the beginning of the field and making that crawl – on my own – and leaving it ALL on the field.  It feels exhilarating – something I didn’t expect at all.  Even more so because I know just how challenging this is going to be, and at the same time, I know I can make it all the way down the field to the end zone.  A few more giants are going to fall!  I am going to try to capture the journey here, because I know it’s going to be amazing!

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