TW 1 Recap


What an empowering week!  Started marathon training, with training for a tri thrown in, and a few other races along the way.  It is so cool to see what resources become available when you are ready for them.  Bill and I are getting ready for a run tomorrow on Mackinac, and then a week of fishing and visiting in Monroe.

Change, as turbulent as it can be, is a good thing.  Seek it out, embrace it, and watch wonder unfold.  Be grateful for what went before, and be expectantly joyful in anticipating the future.  Be grateful for all the people that come into your life – as blessings and/or challenges – God put them there for a reason.

Keep a child’s mind and sense of playfulness, especially about new ventures.  Guard yourself from becoming so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you miss what is happening in the moment.  Be a person of your word – walk your talk.

Remember Ho’oponopono – I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you – live this frequently – to yourself and to others.

Think well of yourself, and treat yourself kindly, but remember Who is in charge.  The God who created this magnificent world also created you.  Not as an afterthought, but intentionally and with purpose.  Remember (or find) your purpose and live it!

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