TW 2 Recap

Training week 2 on the road to the Trio/Tri/marathon complete.  3 shorter runs this week, they felt good!  It was fun to run around Monroe again.  Taking responsibility for planning feels good.

Lately I seem to be running into recurrent themes (God nudges) centered around seasons, reasons, submission, and change.  Excellent thought topics for running.

Today is dedicated to celebrating Bill and delighting in the wonderful memories of Dad – and staying cool.

Next week training activities are planned, need to plan our menu and shopping list yet.  In Mayport, I started making my shopping list by category – it works so well.  Based on the layout of the store (typical of most stores) – I list fresh produce, then meat/seafood, dairy/eggs/cheese, and finally – the dry goods (aisle stuff).  Doing this keeps me on the healthy perimeter of the store, and I only venture down the aisles that I need.  This really cuts down on the processed foods temptations, shortens my time in the store, and keeps me focused.  Menu planning means I choose 7 dinner meals, create my shopping list, and then choose a meal that fits in with the day’s plans.  Living in the RV means not a lot of storage space, and only purchasing the food you need for the week.

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