Running Thoughts….Not Always What It Seems…

The town we are staying in is pretty small by most standards, and not really visible from the main road.  It is almost embarrassing to admit that we have been driving through for more than 30 years, and never really explored the town until we have made it our unofficial Michigan home.

It is neat, clean, friendly, and has great running paths.  When we first explored, we discovered a small lake with a path around it – and I was delighted to see swans floating peacefully on the still water.  As we walked around the lake, I noticed after awhile that they weren’t moving.  Closer inspection confirmed that observation, and we learned that these were decoys to keep the Canadian Geese off the lake.

Here is the view from my run this morning:

not always

I thought about these swans this morning, and what they represent.  To the casual observer – it is a beautiful scene.  Kind of like people who appear beautiful (on the outside, at least), calm, and no worries or cares.  To the person that takes the time to look closer – care enough to check carefully – there is so much more to note.  Those swans are hollow, not really living – a decoy to scare away others – keep them at a distance.  There was a brave Canadian Goose that dared to land on the lake, followed by another.  They were paddling about, obviously alive and enjoying themselves.  Definitely not the pristine white swan – they were shades of brown but full of life.

How many times do we put decoys out to deflect attention and keep others away?  Given the choice, would you want to be anchored in place, hollow, and keeping others at bay?  How many times do we only look and see what is on the surface – too busy or not wanting to take the time to engage and find out what is really going on?




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