The Anatomy of a Very Happy Birthday

We have been celebrating my birthday for 3 days now.  Bill graciously let me choose the activities, provided appropriate encouragement and participation, and threw in some treats along the way.

After having him ask what I wanted to do, and what I would like for gifts for at least a month prior, I finally put some thought into it and gave him lists.

On Sunday, to celebrate the last day of year 56 – I ran a 5k.  I got a 2nd place medal, and Bill gave me a frog to sit on my work desk.  Bill was my cheering section for the 5k – and then took me to car show.  I am not really a car aficionado – but I truly delight in going to car shows to have him explain the cars to me.  I am in awe of his knowledge, and he makes car history come to life for me.  We enjoyed a lazy afternoon, a healthy late supper, and a relaxing evening.

Monday started as a Monday should – wake up when we wake up – not to an alarm.  I met Mom at church to help with a little project and enjoy being in her company.  You never outgrow the need for your Mom – and it just seems right to be with her on your birthday.  Then Bill took me to the airport (my choice!) – we picked up lunch and had a work date at the hangar.  We spent the day working on the airplane (he did have a funeral to attend for Honor Guard – but trusted me to continue the work we started) and attacking our airplane “things to do list”.  Supper at the hangar and wrapped up the day with ice cream before coming home and watching American Ninja Warrior (my choice – and I am waiting for the day when they have a special one for old ladies).

Today was a continuation of the celebration.  Another wake-up without an alarm day.  Today, I wanted to go to our “little cabin” – it is a primitive cabin (think one room and an outhouse), and the address we use as our “home address” to establish residency in Michigan.  I packed stuff for supper, and we picked up lunch on the way.  I got to mow the grass – we use a push mower – and Bill manned the burning barrels.  {The cabin needs a lot of attention, and I have been very reluctant to go there in the past.  Recently, when we went, I killed some dragons there – and I find myself looking forward to our next trip.}  I mowed, and mowed, and mowed some more.  My Garmin says I walked 31,000+ steps – about 16 miles.  It pretty much feels like it.  I am dirty, grimy, sweaty, tired, and smiling all over.  I made supper while we were working so we could eat before leaving.  On the way home, I was treated with a Lemon Ice with strawberries.

By most standards – this is not a typical birthday celebration.  I’m not typical, and I decided that I would choose the activities that would bring joy to my heart.  All these activities were as special as they were because we did them together.  It’s not the “things” that bring the most joy – it’s the moments and the people that are there to share them with you.

I am truly blessed with many wonderful people in my life.  This was highlighted by the overwhelming birthday wishes on Facebook.  Each wish came from someone that brings a smile to my face, and warmth to my heart.

Even if I tried, I could never begin to count my blessings.  There isn’t a number that high.

This, friends, is how you have a truly wonderful birthday celebration.  Choose what lights you up, not what others deem as acceptable birthday celebratory activities.  By God’s grace, we are all unique and must to celebrate that.

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