Grains of Sand

How amazing is it that each of us was created as a unique person by the same God that created things like flowers, sand dollars, sunrise, and rainbows and so very much more.  Rita played “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” this morning during Prelude.  What an overwhelming thought – He cares enough to number the grains of sand, and the stars in the sky.  He cares for the plain little sparrow.  He cares for each of us.  Nothing you can do can cause Him not to care, or care less, or care more.  You can swap out love for the word care – and it remains true.  I think most of us have heard this expressed so many times that we tend to just nod and smile.  How often do we really feel it?  Find something in nature that you consider amazing or awesome (whatever your chosen word) – sit down and get comfortable – and really look at it.  Now, remind yourself, the same God that made this made me.  Talk about love….unconditional, priceless, can’t be bought.

Pastor Laurie talked about how we are known this morning.  I started thinking about how I “know” others.  Often, I find I think I know someone, only to be blown away by how wrong I was.  Some people, though, are rock solid.  (That may be good, or bad – you know what I mean.)  I am very blessed to have a few people that are rock solid good – the kind that you can sit down with, face to face, and explore the ugly stuff that needs to be dealt with, and to be able to celebrate for no reason.  That’s the kind of person I aspire to be known as.  That is a hard thing to achieve, and worthy of respect.  There is a lot to think about with this idea.  How do I want to be known? I want to be authentic – just me.  If you know me in one role, I should be the same person in all other facets.  For example, if I have been your nurse, I should be easily recognizable if we meet on the street, or in the store.  If I cared for you as a patient, I should continue that caring across the spectrum.  That’s a tall order.  It really is a lot to think about.



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