Training – midweek 7

Kinda let this slip a bit.  We’ve had rather hostile running weather for the past month.  Yesterday was glorious – just begging to host a run.  So I did – and it was awesome!  Hill repeats and fooling around with some of the information I have been learning about running.  There really is some great information out there.

What I’ve learned over the past month:  Heat is not my friend.  Even hydrating well, dressing light, going out early – just not worth it.  Feeling sick after a run just isn’t worth it – there are other options.  Yoga, Tai Chi, stretching, strength workouts, walking to log the miles, swimming – it all works.

I’m sore today – not a “bad” sore, not pain – just that muscle soreness that lets you know that you have done something very good for yourself.  I’ve missed that feeling.  I’m pretty sure it will be around more now, though.

Marathon is about 18 weeks out.  The second race of the Trio is about 7 weeks out.  Looking forward to a fun 5k next weekend.  I am not going to participate in the Tri this year.  Logistics for training combined with getting a late start for training combine to make it not happen this year.  I’ve found an event mid-August that has piqued my interest – something I really haven’t done before but won’t require training.

In the past, I worked with a coach.  That ended at the beginning of June.  I am taking responsibility for planning, choosing resources, and developing my own plan – and as I mentioned before – it feels so good.  No need to share the details here, and I’m not clear on some of it myself – but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I’ve watched some incredibly inspirational people make remarkable progress on their own.  I am learning so much by doing my own research…and learning is good.  And I am returning to a program that I know works, and I will be incorporating it with new stuff.

Grace lessons:  Thankful that God sees fit to throw some cool weather this way!  Thankful for the sweet soreness that tells you you’re making progress.  Thankful for stepping up, stepping out, and believing in myself.  Really thankful for the grace to set the Tri aside without feeling compelled to do it anyway, knowing that I can plan for it, train for it, and complete it another time.

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