Making Dreams Come True



It’s Oshkosh time again.  Days of walking and easily logging 10k steps.  Days of dreaming, learning, exploring, and this year – working on making dreams come true.

I bought myself the Aviation Maintenance General Technician text for A&P, and we spent today checking out certificate programs to earn an A&P certificate.  The text is reassuring – there is a lot to learn, but it wasn’t all Greek to me.

As I wrote last year, this is the place to dream dreams, imagine the impossible, and believe all things are within reach.  In order for this to happen, it’s important to open your mind and your heart.  Let go of all negative thoughts and self-imposed limits.  I spent some serious time thinking about this today.  This is the place for me that encourages me to dream, imagine, believe, and open my mind and heart.  I hold out both hands, palms upward – ready to receive as much goodness as I can grab.  It was an ‘aha’ moment to realize that I choose this place to represent what it does.  So I can also choose to have the same experience in any setting.  (I totally get that we always have the choice to bloom where we are planted – or not.)  It’s more the realization that the magnitude of feeling can be found in the setting of my choice.  I also find myself expressing gratitude to God almost continuously – like a constant conversation.  Another ‘aha’ moment – gratitude is a major component of this whole process.

My grace lesson – choose this moment – wherever you are – dream, imagine, believe – open yourself (heart, mind, and soul) to all possibilities – and remain constantly grateful for life.  Realize the incredible bravery it takes to do this – honor yourself for taking this step.



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