Swans, Geese, and Cadaver Airplanes

I started this morning out by actually getting out of bed when my alarm went off.  Then I took myself out for a brisk walk, despite the strong desire to go back to bed for a couple more minutes.  It was muggy and buggy already by 0700 – so I took a shower in bug spray before setting off and grumbling more.

As I approached Crystal Lake – the little one about a mile and a half from our campsite, I noticed a family of Canadian Geese – two adults and 5 or 6 ‘older’ kids.  They were waddling off into the lake.  This is the same lake that has swan decoys – and if they’re not decoys, they haven’t moved since May (except when somebody got in the lake and tipped several over).  I believe the intent of putting the swans in the lake was to deter the Canadian Geese (especially since real swans are mean).  Since I was trying to be intentional about being present, and not dwelling on the past – or fretting about the future – I thought about what those swans and geese represented.  The swans are pretty to look at – snowy white, very stately.  The geese – they were waddling, making some noise, and their formation was a little loose – on land and in the water.  But they stayed together in their own group – paddled right past those swans – and explored the lake.  Their color and markings, while attractive – weren’t nearly as eye-catching as the swans.  You can see where this is going, right?  We all have swans in our lives, and sometimes it is very enticing to want to be a swan – pretty, stately, eye-catching.  I realized, though, that I have no desire to be a swan.  I’ll opt for plain, real, and stick with my gaggle or skein.

On my way home, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful skyscape God arranged for my viewing pleasure:


I spent a delightful afternoon dissecting our cadaver plane.  I love learning about how they are put together – and how they come apart.  There has always been an air of mystery for me about what makes an airplane fly.  As I take more apart, I discover that it isn’t all that mysterious.  I also find that I am gaining more confidence in the machine.  Bless Bill – he said maybe we could look for another one to deconstruct after I finish with this one.  I am wondering what it will be like to learn how to put it back together, though.  This one is fun, because it isn’t intended to be put back together.  We purchased it to be an organ donor for 6205A – at the time, I never guessed how much fun I could have with it.


Grace Lessons:

-Intentional movement is a wonderful thing – and a fantastic way to start the day.  Bonus points for intentional sweat!

-Choose your gaggle, skein, flock, or tribe based on more than outward appearance.  Especially look for one that is going somewhere – and not stuck in the same place.

-Be amazed at new learning opportunities, expand your horizons, and step out of your comfort zone.  Even if you’re happy and content where you are at – you just might find that even greater happiness and delight is waiting in places you don’t expect!


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