Plain Ordinary Days Topped With Sprinkles of Joy and Insanity

Recently I read a comment on a thread about how refreshing it is to find gratitude in the ordinary.  That is such a simple statement with profound implications.  To be able to rediscover gratitude instead of overlooking and taking those delights for granted.

This week has been filled with ordinary days, sprinkled with moments of extraordinary joy and sheer (and terrifying at times) insanity.  When I reflect on all that happened, I can see so many gratitude-invoking times, most often in the ordinary.

Monday took us to the airport to work on the airplane.  We were readying the plane for the installation of a new ELT beacon, by opening access and removing the old one for our mechanic.  It was challenging work, but Bill coached me through it and worked with me.  Tuesday was even better – 14 hours (a few of those were spent on running “in town” errands) working at the hangar, dissecting the cadaver plane, and then putting everything back together on 05A.  Some of my gratitudes from this experience include being thankful for starting an exercise program 4 years ago and yoga last year.  If not for those activities, I never would have had the agility or flexibility to achieve some of those positions I was in.  Thankful for Bill’s expertise and willingness to encourage my interests – and his incredible patience (I’m sure he could have done the work faster without my help).  Gratitude for some time working alone on the cadaver plane – to realize that I am learning and starting to connect a few very basic dots.

Wednesday was a work day – so very grateful to be able to work from home – with a job that is interesting and full of learning opportunities.

Thursday was our last monarch class – we learned how to hold them and tag them before releasing them.  One of the extra blessings here was the road trip with Mom, and the opportunity to talk about “stuff” – relive happy memories, plan for the future, and share joys and concerns.  Then we tried out our new knowledge – and tagged and released 6 butterflies.  Have you ever held a butterfly?  Or let it perch on your hand?  It’s like the magical feeling when your newborn grabs your finger – moments you never forget.  Not to mention the beauty in each unique life.

Friday started out with a 10-mile excursion around the lake plus a little extra.  Time to work on building endurance back up (obvious gratitude – building it BACK up – not starting from scratch) and doing it without the distraction of music.  Grateful that I am comfortable with my own thoughts for 10 miles – and that I accomplished the 10.  Grateful for the wonderful produce available at the Farmer’s Market, and taking the time to make apple butter and freeze some corn to enjoy later.

This weekend – more plain ordinary days – filled with catching up on little things, spending time with Mom making apple butter for the church bake sale, cooking and sharing a meal together.  Talking with both kids.  All of this – sprinkles of incredible joy in the ordinary.  Church this morning, joyful time of sharing with our church family.  We released 8 more monarchs this afternoon.  More joy….

Oh yeah – the sheer and terrifying insanity I mentioned?  I’m still working on believing I did what I did.  More about this another day….

Grace Lessons?  If plain ordinary days are like vanilla ice cream, my ice cream cone this week is so covered in sprinkles of joy – I can’t even find the ice cream!

One thought on “Plain Ordinary Days Topped With Sprinkles of Joy and Insanity”

  1. Wow! I love how you can open our eyes to the sprinkles of joy in our lives. The analogy of the ice cream cone was a perfect mental visual. Great Read!


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