One of Those AHA Moments!

I am a believer in the idea that there are no random or seemingly unrelated series of events.  This time, it’s a recurring theme around goals.  Several daily motivational videos from an online bootcamp, some instructional material from a website for coaches, online discussion from a wellness website, and discussions with a friend have contributed to some deep thoughts, and one great AHA moment last night.  Talking on the phone with a friend this evening just reinforced the message.

Goals and dreams – gotta have ‘em, right?  I believe that goals and dreams are important – they help us map out our journey, bring some direction and focus, and just generally put a glint in our eye.  That is the upside.  What about the downside?  Letting yourself get caught up in a perpetual dreamer state – spending all your time dreaming about goals, thinking about them, and planning so they will be just right – and waiting for just the right time to start pursuing them.  And, since it’s not just the right time for *that* dream, we better find another one for the interim.  That right there is a vicious cycle all on it’s own.  Once you get beyond the dreamer stage – and actually take the first step for one of those goals – there is the temptation to let it take over your entire life.  Meanwhile – you’ve got 32 other goals that you identified while waiting to start this one?  This is what I have done in the past.  I wish someone would have had the kindness to point this out to me at the time (and yes, I did share a list of goals – maybe not 32 – but I came across the list the other day and laughed!) – but it’s good that I figured it out on my own.

It’s important to figure out if some of those dreams really belong to someone else.  I found several that I didn’t recognize at first glance.  Closer inspection suggests that they made it to the goal list because I thought they would please someone else (definitely not me!), or it was something that I ‘should’ do.  That is a topic for a different discussion.

The AHA moment…looking at that old list, thinking about the crazy, insane dream that just lit my fire, and combining all those non-random messages this past week.  As I was trying to fall asleep last night, God sent a huge GRACE fireball hurtling into my brain.  I have been too busy looking at the forest and not seeing my trees.  My *goals* (the big, hairy, scary ones “BHSGs”) have overshadowed – or more accurately – obliterated the journey.  This quiet voice whispered gently that I should take my eyes off the distant horizon and focus on just this day – this hour – this moment.  All I have to do is what I need to do today.

Instead of fretting about taking and passing the tests for getting an A&P license, I can focus on the joy of changing the oil in the plane and learning more about the airplane.  Instead of fretting about THE BHSG, I just need to do what is required of me today.  The race on Saturday – smiled my way through a humid, muggy, sweaty 5k today.

Instead of worrying about returning from our upcoming trip – in essence – planning the end before it has even started – I can focus on what needs to be done today.  Although it’s especially true for dreams – being able to break things down into small, manageable steps and having the rock solid faith that they will get you where you need to be – such an important lesson to remember.  I want to work on choosing to attack my BHSGs and my little goals the same way – one little bite at a time.  Today was not a particularly stellar day in some respects.  Technology was not cooperative, delays happened.  In the most important way – today was a humongous win.  I did my 5k, and congratulated myself for advancing that journey.  After that, it was easy to break down my other stuff into small, manageable bites.  I am headed for bed with a good feeling that I made progress in a forward fashion.  The forest is still there, but I am stopping to enjoy looking at my trees!  All it requires is an occasional glance to confirm that we’re still in the right forest.


HUGE grace lesson – self-compassion, compassion towards others, and so much less tension.

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