Wind, Homeward Bound, and Rambling Thoughts…

We returned home from our road trip today.  First time I have ever crossed the Mac Bridge with 50+mph winds (direct crosswind, at that) and restricted traffic on the bridge.  We knew it would likely be a rough crossing, and the possibility of being delayed on the UP side was great.  I was kind of surprised at how relatively easy it was – we just followed the instructions, enjoyed the fabulous sky and cloud formations, and took our time.

It always feels good to be “homeward bound”.  This trip was such a joy, so many happy memories were made.  Returning home with a heart full of joy is a good thing.  I am looking forward to future road trips to revisit the Farm.  We took several detours from our intended route and explored little towns.  One stop included a trip to the Ben Franklin store – and of course we found several things that we didn’t realize we really needed to acquire.  Another stop at a local yarn shop proved to be just as necessary.  I happily added to my yarn stash some gorgeous specialty yarns and patterns, and did some shopping for presents.  We stopped to refuel our bodies at a little bakery that offered fresh hot Cornish pasties while my new yarn was being wound into “cakes”.

On the drive home, I thought about how thoroughly enjoyable our time was.  There was no real agenda – other than for us to visit our family.  We opted not to go driving or sightseeing during our visit.  We simply spent time together chatting, catching up, and sharing memories.  No drama, nothing elaborate – but so full of goodness and happiness that it just overflowed and spilled out everywhere.

It was a gentle adventure and lesson about the importance of family.

Adventures…do they all have to be grand and glorious?  Filled with extreme challenge and uncertain outcomes?  When did drama become something necessary for fulfillment?  Drama in the workplace – that person who is the only one who can do the job right…every day.  Co-workers are incompetent, and the company can’t survive without the hero.  Relationships – if they are not dramatic and filled with complicated twists and turns – why stay in them?

I think that adventure, like happiness, can be a choice.  Adventure can be as simple as choosing to be aware of what is happening around you.  Consider a simple walk to the post office (or destination of your choice).  A trip you have made countless times.  You have a choice to be focused only on the destination, head down, and pushing forward to the destination.  You have made the choice not to find adventure or joy in your journey.  Now, take that trip and look around you – notice at this very moment what is happening around you.  Forget about the destination – be present in the moment for each step.  See the colors, smell and taste the air, hear the sounds, touch things.  If you’re having trouble with this concept, find a 4 or 5 year old to take with you.  Discover things – that is an adventure – maybe not full of drama and intrigue – but an adventure.

Setting goals or milestones is a good thing, but I don’t want my goals to overshadow the joy of simply being alive.  Gratitude, kindness, and compassion – great behaviors to take on an adventure.  Getting over oneself – finding joy without drama – living simply – ideas to consider.  Reaching out to help others – great foundation for adventure.

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