Stuff to Ponder…

Are you more afraid of what others think of you – or what you think of yourself?

Are you more afraid of losing (having it taken away) control – or voluntarily relinquishing control?

Which is more worrisome – believing you are powerless to control your life – or realizing that you are more powerful than ever thought possible?

Which is scarier – continuing to believe that you have limits – or realizing that the limits in your life are largely self-imposed?

Is it harder to believe in yourself – or in others?

Is it more comfortable to believe that success lies just beyond your grasp – or that it is entirely within your reach…if you extend your arm?

Is it easier to just believe that people who are different are bad or not to be trusted – or open your heart and mind to welcome diversity?

Which is more comfortable – to believe that others are responsible for your happiness/unhappiness or success/failure – or to realize that YOU are responsible for those things (and then take action)?

Which is harder – to be honest in answering these questions – or to pretend you’ve never read this?

Are you worth it?



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