WAW!! (What A Week)

This has been “wrap up week” for us.  Taking care of a myriad of details before we hit the road headed south.  In addition to having been a very productive week, it held a few surprises and sobering reminders.

Here are the grace lessons from the week:

  1. Accomplishing fitness/exercise/athletic goals can happen when you least expect it. I’m still smiling for what I accomplished this week – and wasn’t even trying.
  2. Life is precious, and so are the people you love. Just remember that – always.
  3. You are important to people – don’t turn your back on those who care. We were not created to be alone and isolated.
  4. Some people are toxic, don’t waste your precious time and energy. Let them go-then celebrate.
  5. Spend your precious energy and time on the people you want in your life – and that want you in theirs.
  6. You can do more than you think and can find joy if you choose in almost any situation.






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