Grace Lessons from Day 1 on the road…

Absolutely lovely driving day, and we hit our 300-mile goal for the day.  We settled in Wapakoneta, OH at a KOA for the night.

Lesson 1:

Part 1 – I saw a sign along the road that I needed to see.  “Love them all.  I’ll sort them out later.  Love, God”.  I’ve actually seen it once or twice on social media and scrolled right on by.  Today, it sunk in.


Part 2 – I’ve occasionally done 30-day challenges – usually exercise related.  I saw one last week that caught my eye.  A 30-day prayer challenge.  The idea was to pick one person and pray for them every day for 30 days.  And not tell them you were doing it.   Then just sit back and watch what happens over the course of the 30 days.


Part 3…I thought about who I would pick to pray for over the next 30 days.  My first choice(s) were easy – people I liked and would find it easy and joyful to pray for.  Then a little voice whispered in my ear – “You pray for them all the time anyway.  Challenge yourself…do the hard thing…NOW.”  So I thought about the 5 people that would present the greatest challenge for me to pray for right now.  Why 5?  Because these 5 names popped right into my mind, and I don’t want to miss this opportunity for any of them.

Lesson 2:

We live in a beautiful country!  Sometimes it’s really good to be reminded of this.  God does amazing things in the skies, on the earth, and in the waters.  And they are there to be seen whether we look or not.  It’s a shame not to see His beauty.

Lesson 3:

Adventure is good, even on a small scale.  Say yes when you have the opportunity or are invited.  This is trite, but when you look back over your life, I’m pretty sure you are not going to say you wish you would have worked more days instead of traveling, exploring, or adventuring.  Adventure is best when shared with others.

Lesson 4:

Believe in yourself.  Believe in your worth.  Do things that are pleasing to you – and you will likely please others.  Fill your cup so that you can serve others from your cup – and keep your cup full.

About that prayer challenge – anyone else up for it?  Make it your own, just like I did.


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