New Beginnings – Again

Holding close the idea that every day presents an opportunity to start over again.  We’ve been trying new adventures, exploring favorite haunts, and learning new “stuff”.  Here are a few of our/my restarts:

  1. Screwed up my courage to meet with a new (to me) fitness trainer.  As in face-to-face, in-person.  As it turns out, no need to screw up any courage.  I thought I was a thorough note-taker – but she made me look like a rookie.  It was a very friendly interrogation to build a plan around my needs and goals.  This was followed by an assessment of my current physical abilities.  Our next meeting included so much that I never expected.  A very detailed session explaining, demo and return demo for each exercise for several different plans she developed.  Plus warm-up and stretching.  Then she explained how to build my own plan sequencing movement according to muscle group and purpose.  We’re not done yet, and I’m excited to see what comes next.  Grace Lesson:  Try again, open mind, open heart.


  1. Screwed up my courage to baptize the boat with Bill in the Florida waterways. They are (at least the ones we plan on being in) different from being in an inland lake.  What a beautiful experience!  We still have lots of learning to do, and I’m ready!  Grace Lesson:  Open mind – open heart!


  1. Goals – I keep dancing around this subject. I am great at writing grand and glorious goals – I’ve said this before and it’s still true.  I am also very good at writing “should” goals, and those that I think are supposed to be important – especially in the eyes of others.  I found a group that fits me perfectly – it’s okay to admit to being very human about this kind of stuff.  Taking some steps in identifying goals that would probably seem not very lofty, not extreme or grand and glorious – but those “little scary goals” I’ve written about before.  And not just identifying them – but writing them down, breaking them down, and achieving baby steps.  Grace Lesson:  It’s there – all of it!


There is more, but it is not for writing and reading yet.  I really like this picture – captured it on our boat trip.  When you look at your reflection, what do you see?  Just the outside?  If you see the “inside” – do you like what you see?  Or does it make you uncomfortable and look away?  Do you see the flat reflection; or do you see the real, living, breathing, flawed, imperfectly perfect creation that you are?  Are you in love with the flat reflection – or the real thing?

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