Day of Thanksgiving

Today has been a weird weather day.  It was interesting to watch the radar paint two different systems and watch them collide.  We’ve been treated to wind and gray clouds all day, but temperate.  Our beach walk was cut short because of the winds, it was still beautiful to see nature’s strength at work.  Now we will be lulled to sleep by the sound of rainfall.

When we started this lifestyle and being away from family during Thanksgiving and Christmas; I was afraid that I would really miss all the preparation and build-up of the day.  We had our Thanksgiving Dinner at the Galley here on base – and what a blessing it was!  The food was good, but even better was all the smiling faces of the young men and women that prepared the meal.  We took full advantage of the opportunity to express our gratitude to them, and our appreciation of their talent.

I realize that what I really miss about this time of year is being able to cook and prepare with my family.  As in cooking with Mom and Beth, and having Bill, Walt, and Rob around to taste test for us.  As in sharing treasured memories as we make more.  I am grateful for those times, and grateful for the opportunity for Bill and I to make our own memories.  Since we get to write our own rules, I am starting to plan holiday meals for when we return to Michigan.  They will be summer holiday meals – and they will be times of Thanksgiving!  It would be wonderful to have family join us here, but that isn’t always possible.

More thanksgivings…I’m on day 25 of my 30-day prayer challenge.  Still praying for the same 5 people.  Still haven’t told them – and am not planning on it.  I am immensely grateful for this challenge.  I have no idea what effect my prayers have had on their lives, and probably will never know.  Remember, these 5 people were picked because it was really hard for me to think of them in a positive, loving, giving attitude.  The challenge has brought forgiveness, kindness, and generosity that I never thought possible.  I’ve gone from a quick “bless them Lord” to much more.  This has added a dimension of gratitude to my life that I didn’t know was possible.    This challenge is not a “one and done” challenge.  I’m already considering my next 5.  Of course, my prayers are not limited to just 5 people – I’m just being very focused and intentional about them.


As cliché as it is, make every day a day of thanksgiving.  Cultivate gratitude.  Grace abounds!

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