More Marathon Thoughts

~Before my race runs, I can always count on a text from my Mom – she always says “Run (and inserts the running girl emoji) with your angels.  Love you.  Mom”.  I love those texts – look for them – and keep them.  I had time to think about running with my angels.  I have many – first and foremost – my dad.  Sometimes running is a good way to exorcise some demons that are haunting you – I get that.  But running with your angels – intentionally choosing to invite them into your thoughts – wow!  Gives your run a whole new dimension.  It’s a lot more fun to run with your angels, than from your demons!

~Beth told me her “hard miles” were usually between 18 and 21 and asked me what my hard miles were.  Couldn’t answer that and told her so.  She told me I would soon figure it out.  She was right – it was between mile 14 and 16.  I’m pretty sure we passed those three mile markers a zillion times before we got to 17.  When I told her that I thought I had found them around mile 14, she told me to pull out my “whys” – all the reasons I wanted to do this particular run – and remember them.  Hmm, “Because I grew up during this era of the space continuum, because I wanted to start with the first year of the multi-year challenge, for the beach towel, for the cool medal”….none of those seemed particularly motivating at the moment.  Of course, those were just fluff answers.  I wanted to do this race to prove myself wrong – to erase the belief that I couldn’t, wasn’t strong enough, etc.  At mile 14, I realized that every mile from here on out was farther than I made it on my first attempt.  I was pretty excited to make it to mile 20 – that was the final turn-around point and from there – we headed to the finish line.

~As we got into the 20+ miles, Beth looked at me and said “Mom, just think about all the people that can’t walk – and how much they would love to be in our places right now.” (this might have been when we stopped for a brief stretch for cramping calves).  My girl is a motivational speaker!  I know I would have made it through the whole race alone, but I wouldn’t trade those 26 (.2) miles with her at my side for anything.  Fairly early in the race, we decided to “switch off” our clinical brains.  Both of us have the tendency to look at everyone through clinical eyes.  We look at airway, breathing, and circulation, then gait, then the rest of the assessment.  Not very productive!  Good day to leave the medical concerns to the medics and first aid folks.

~Peace that surpasses understanding.  After 10 days, I still don’t have the nagging feeling that I need to prove myself.  I have signed up for some runs, and I am looking forward to them – no matter how they turn out.  It has turned into something I want to and get to do for me instead of something I HAVE to do because I don’t think I can.  #belikeHarry – try it and have fun with it.

~Everything seems mostly back to normal.  Giving up the short-lived morning naps, still got the goofy smile, my legs still get kinda tired after low mileage, and my sunburn is in the itchy peely stage.  The only lingering part are the ugly toes – gonna lose 5 or 6 toenails from this one, I think.  How blessed I am to be able to have been on my feet long enough for that to happen!  Small price for such a blessing!

~Your goal – whether it is 26.2 – shorter or longer, work-related, health-related – whatever it is – pick it.  It is a dream.  Write it down – it’s starting to become a goal.  Break it down – into baby steps, little bites.  Now you have your action plan.  Start NOW – take one action toward that goal.  Write your plan, allow for re-writes and a few curves in the road, but stick to your plan.  You only need to focus on the very next step.  You’ll be surprised at how much you accomplish – and how much more you will discover on the journey in addition to accomplishing your goal.  Believe in yourself.  This isn’t an original idea – tons of motivational speakers and writers address this.  You just have to grab the concept, make it yours, and take that first step.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Forward progress and growth?  Look forward to one heckuva celebration!

#belikeHarry, #ufy, #foreveronedge, #foe, #NOW, #believe


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