Journeys, Paths, and Destinations

Grace lessons:

Step out of your comfort zone – often.  Failing to do so causes the zone to become smaller.  Stepping out enlarges it.  (Courtesy of Bill)

I frequently hear and read the thought that “it’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey”, or “joy in the journey”.  I’ve concluded that we ARE the journey, we ARE the path, and we ARE the destination.

What do you choose your journey to be?  Is it a friendly adventure or a fear-filled burden?  Is it exciting or are you playing it safe?

Is your path well-marked and familiar – or is it filled with twists and hidden surprises?  Are you brave enough to welcome the unknown?

Is your destination one of your own choosing – honoring your heart’s desire – or is it one that is ‘expected’ by others.  Can your destination be moved – continually nudged forward and dynamic – or have you locked it in – static and finite?



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