Christmas Wishes

This is an incredible season of grace.  Humble beginnings, a Father giving life to His Son – knowing that His Son would give His life for ours.  All knowing, all loving – servant leadership at its best.  We celebrate this every year, and every year the Gift seems sweeter and more profound!

Regardless of the Holiday you celebrate (or don’t) – I wish for you a season of rebirth.  See the world through the eyes of a child – a world filled with wonder and possibilities.

I wish for you the gift of forgiveness – towards those who have caused you to feel hurt, towards yourself for feeling not enough, and from those who have felt hurt by you or your actions.

I wish you the gift of humility and freedom from ego – and the ability to accept yourself as you are – wonderfully created for magnificent things.

I wish for you the gift of surrender – the ability to realize that you can’t/don’t/won’t have to control everything around you and those you love.  The ability to surrender stress and worry about what comes to next and truly live in this very moment – appreciating the wonder of right now.

I wish you the gift of hope and faith – to believe like a child, hope for the most excellent of things, and the faith to know that you have the power to make life magical.

I wish you the gift of love – the knowledge that you were created to be unique and to serve your unique calling in this life.  Giving and receiving love – in word and in deed.  And the freedom to open yourself to the giving AND receiving.

I wish you the gift of action – to take the next single step on your amazing life journey – and follow that with another.  Know that each step – taken in any direction – is forward progress.

I wish you the gift of grace – “the peace that passes all understanding”, the deep inner knowledge that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this very moment – perfectly imperfect – a wonderful work in progress.

Sending you love and light from our little corner of the world!




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