The Value of a Question and More Grace in the New Year

The value of a well-placed, well-timed question should never be under-estimated.  I am working through an excellent book – full of positive content and very thought-provoking.  It presented a question today that really “rocked my world”.  I am always amazed and profoundly grateful when this type of grace appears.  Often as not, it kind of sneaks up and blindsides you – takes your breath away – then fills you full of “feelings”.  It is so easy to miss this – or intentionally ignore it – and just let things be status quo.

It is an exquisite experience to open yourself to this gift of grace – fasten your seatbelt, open your heart, mind, and eyes – and ride with it.  Know what I am talking about?

More grace – my “word” of this year found me.  Working on the seatbelt and acquiring a crash helmet for this one.  Do you have a word for 2019?  If you haven’t done this before, there is lots of information if you search for it.  Basically, it’s a word to focus on throughout the coming year.  For me, the last two years, my word “found” me.  The word just keeps appearing in various avenues, and you know it is going to claim you.

Found some beach grace this morning-this involved some running, a lot of talking, some cool treasures from the ocean, awesome reflection time, and sea fog.  I happened upon the realization that letting go, forgiveness, and ditching the rearview mirror is a monumental gift of self-care and self-respect.

2019 is going to be phenomenal!



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