Lessons and Closing the Door

flight of two

In looking forward and planning for 2019, I have been reading some positive content material.  One of the questions asked what the biggest lessons for 2019 (good and not so good) were.  As always, some things instantly pop into mind, and the “bad” stuff pollutes everything.

I am working hard to let go of things I can’t control (which is pretty much everything except how I respond -choose to respond- to situations).  I want to surrender my worry about how others think about me.  I am working to remind myself that I don’t want or need to be like anyone else.  That was not what God intended when he created me – who am I to assume that I know better?

I realized today that the biggest lesson for me is about giving away my power/happiness/joy.  I did that, I can see that now.  Yep, sure did.  Choosing grace – instead of dwelling on how much ground I’ve lost – I am celebrating the future.  I am less likely to trust my goals to anyone but myself – but I feel like this is a lesson that was good to learn.  My power, happiness, and joy is strictly an inside job.

I am so blessed with my “tribe” – all the energy and support I could ever want – and am delighted to return in full measure.  Look around you – check out your tribe.  Give thanks for them, give thanks to them, and celebrate life with them!


So, close the door on 2018 – and fling open the doors and windows on 2019!



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