Sunsets, Surrendering To The Day, and It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time?


Today was a gift!  A present wrapped up in sunshine and cool breezes and surprises.  We have been making an effort to not over-plan each day.  Bill likes to start the day by asking what we want – WANT – to do with the day.  That is still kind of hard for me.  I feel like a rudderless ship, or an airplane without a destination.


Our decision today was to go for a bike ride.  After all, we hauled the bikes down here, they probably ought to do something more than sit here on our site looking lonely, right?  A base perimeter ride sounded like a good idea at the time.  We set off and it was a great day for a ride.  We were also aware that the commissioning ceremony for the USS Wichita was happening on base, but we didn’t have tickets to attend.  It would be over by the time we navigated to that side of the base anyway.  As we navigated to the wharf area, we stopped to talk to some of the security folks.  They alerted us to the possibility of securing a tour – so we increased our speed and headed to the Wichita.  We arrived in time to join the last tour and boarded the ship.  2 hours later, we were much wiser and very appreciative of this new addition to Naval Station Mayport.  As we pedaled toward home, we decided to stop for a cup of coffee at the NEX – about 12 miles into the ride.  (Keep in mind, we haven’t been on the bikes for a very long time…)  “Hopping” back on the bike was more like a concerted effort at this point, and the 3 miles home was a little more difficult!  We did take a 1 mile stroll on the beach with Piper to stretch those tight leg muscles, and take in a lovely sunset.  The bike ride?  Yeah, we’ll feel it tomorrow – but it was so worth it.  Look what surrendering to the day yielded.  It really did seem like a good idea at the time!


The sunset was beautiful.  As I watched and took in the beauty of that sunset, I realized that the difference between beautiful sunrises and sunsets was simply a matter of turning 180 degrees on the beach.  Also, stepping back and turning 90 degrees allows a view of the eastern and western sky.  I know this is no startling new revelation.  Try it on while thinking about your journey for the day (or longer).  Keeping the beginning and the resting time in sight – and realizing that they are not finite ends.  Sunrise brings thoughts (for me) of new possibilities – a lovely blank canvas to create the day.  Sunsets – never thought much about them other than the natural beauty.  Today, I realized that they are not only the finishing touches on the canvas of the day – but a reminder of the beauty and potential that will be reappearing in the morning.  In yoga, we end our session with savasana (Corpse Pose) to allow incorporation or integration of our experience.  Sunsets are a perfect opportunity for a soul savasana.  The darkness of night becomes a time of comfort, rest, and anticipation of the new day that comes with sunrise.


Surrender to the day and all it’s hidden promises.

Appreciate and honor sunrise and sunset, give your soul nurturing rest.

If it seems like a good idea at the time – it probably is.

These are my grace lessons today!

One thought on “Sunsets, Surrendering To The Day, and It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time?”

  1. The sunrises, do bring hope for the new day, and the sunsets, bring us around the fireplace, along with a cup of hot cocoa, devotions and discussions of the day. I will admit, that we are looking forward to bike rides and fire pits, but there is something special about the warmth of the warm house and conversation, after an evening of snow shoeing and shoveling.


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