Wrack Lines


If you’ve been on a beach at the ocean, chances are you have walked a wrack line.  You know, that line of debris high up on the beach that is left after high tide.  You can find all kinds of interesting stuff there.  I have found a five-dollar bill, lots of fishing tackle, a frisbee dog toy, an industrial metal air filter, the plastic liner for the inside of a car hood – not to mention a wide assortment of natural sea debris (shells, sand dollars, skeletal remains of fish and birds, starfish, etc.).

Think of yourself as the ocean, and the people you meet as the beach.  Consider the effect you have on the beach (the lives of the people you meet).  You have the strength and power to wash debris (both treasures and trash) FROM the beach and carry it out to be deposited in your depths.  You also have the strength and power to carry your debris (again, both treasures and trash) ON TO the beach.

Now, consider what effect you have had in the past on friends, family, anyone that has crossed your path.  Keeping that in mind, you have the potential to leave a “wrack line” of treasures and ‘good stuff’ – your choice – or trash and sadness.

Bill and I were talking about the influence we have had on each other over the years.  I was telling him how good he is for me and was wishing I could be as good for him.  His replied stopped me cold and brought tears to my eyes.  He reassured me that I WAS good for him, then he said “remember, you are a daughter of God and He is VERY proud of you”.

Have you ever really considered yourself a true child of God?  I mean, we hear it often, read about it, even remind others.  But take 5 or 10 minutes of time, sit down, and truly see yourself as His child.  Feel it in your very soul.  Let it guide your actions – knowing your Parent is watching you.


Grace Lesson:  Make sure your wrack line makes your Father proud!  (At the same time, remembering that He is loving and forgiving.  If He can forgive, you can forgive – even forgive yourself!)

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